ICAI unveils new CA Logo at GloPAC

In the Global Professional Accountants Convention (GloPAC), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) unveiled a new logo for Chartered Accountants. The sign represents the accounting profession’s dedication to serving as a nation-building partner.

The Institute tweeted on ‘X’,

The ICAI successfully hosted the 21st World Congress of Accountants in 2022. Building on this accomplishment, the ICAI is currently establishing its first “Global Professional Accountants Convention” (GloPAC), with the goal of curating gatherings of equal size. The purpose is to increase connectivity among the worldwide accounting community, keeping them informed of the world’s ever-changing dynamics.

GloPAC works to bring together key stakeholders from all around the world, including thought leaders, policymakers, standard setters, industry and commerce groups, and financial institutions. The primary purpose is to hold meaningful conversations and debates about current issues and future developments in the accounting profession. GloPAC, positioned as a ‘Window to the Future,’ offers understanding and adaptability to previously unforeseen aspects in the global economy and regulatory landscape. This convention serves as a forum for leaders to exchange ideas and conversations, indicating a path for professional accountant development, and the new logo is expected to bring about a renewed spirit and passion for the profession of chartered accountancy.
This convention serves as a forum for leaders to exchange ideas and conversations, indicating a path for professional accountant development, and the new logo is expected to bring about a renewed spirit and passion for the profession of chartered accountancy.



Guidelines for the use of new CA logo and colour significance

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) proudly unveiled its new logo during the GloPAC Convention, ushering in a new era for the prestigious accounting profession. This eye-catching design complements the colors of India’s national flag. This unique design not only honors the country’s rich history, but it also symbolizes the symbiotic relationship between the prestigious accounting profession and the spirit of India. More than just a cosmetic alteration, the logo is a powerful symbol of the fundamental values that have characterized the ICAI and the accounting profession throughout their long history.

Incorporation of Tricolor

The use of the tricolor in the logo is a striking representation of the Institute’s ties to India. The Indian flag’s three colors indicate unity, diversity, and sovereignty, and they reflect the brand’s commitment to serving the Indian people and contributing to the country’s prosperity. The tricolor has been used in such a way that it conveys velocity, flight, and advancement, emphasizing the Institute’s forward-thinking approach.

Significance of blue color

The primary color of the new logo is blue, which was influenced by the ICAI logo. Blue is a color associated with divinity, immortality, bravery, and determination. It expresses immensity, as the hue of the sky and ocean, and has long been a component of Indian culture, politics, and society. Blue is also culturally significant, having been used in Indian traditions for about 5,000 years.

Adaptability on all platforms

The new logo may be used across all platforms, digital and analog, which is essential for a modern company. This versatility ensures that the Institute’s brand remains consistent across all media, which strengthens the Institute’s identity and credibility. The new logo’s versatility makes it more appealing to the Institute’s stakeholders, who include members, students, and the general public.

In a nutshell

CA India’s new logo reflects the brand’s connection to India while retaining its current identity. The new logo incorporates the tricolor, underlines the importance of the blue hue, and is applicable to all platforms. The design is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and culturally significant, reflecting the Institute’s beliefs and commitment to assisting the people of India.

Guidelines (2023) for using the new CA India logo for CA members

The logo features the letters ‘CA’ in blue on a white background, with a multicolored tick mark (upside down). Blue not only contrasts with any background, but it also denotes creativity, originality, knowledge, integrity, trust, truth, stability, and depth. The upside-down tick mark, which is typical among Chartered Accountants, has been added to signify the professional’s wisdom and value. 

The term ‘India’ is also included in the design to signify the Institute’s affiliation with the India First approach and commitment to helping the Indian economy for the public benefit. 

– The font should not be changed (color, bold/unbold, size). Furthermore, the spacing and size should not vary. 

– The color scheme is

– Do not change the design or colors, including the white backdrop.

– Avoid rotating or twisting the logo clockwise or counterclockwise. 

– The logo should not be lowered or changed in any way that affects its original proportions. 

– While members are encouraged to adopt the new CA India Logo as it appears on letterheads, visiting cards, and the website, a one-year transition period has been allowed for members to replace current stationary/signage, etc.

*Effective from 24th November, 2023.

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Who is the youngest CA in India?

Nischal Narayanam a child genius from Hyderabad is the country’s youngest chartered accountant.

Who is the First Lady CA in India?

Born in India on July 23, 1907, R Sivabhogam (Ramasamy) became the country’s first female chartered accountant.

Who is the father of CA in India?

The man recognized as founding the accounting profession in India is Shri Kalyan Subramani Aiyar (1859–1940).

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